Annual Report Design Agency in NYC

Your annual report presents an overview of the company’s past year, inclusive of its success and setbacks. It is usually a document used to inform relevant stakeholders on the year-end financials, but when designed properly, it can also be used as a marketing tool to help generate new business. No matter the purpose of your annual report, an annual report that has been well designed is much easier and more enjoyable to read.

RBK is an award-winning annual report design agency with offices in New York City (NYC) and Bermuda, with plenty of experience designing reports for NASDAQ and NYSE traded companies, as well as large private companies.

How We Make Your Reports Work for You

The information you present in your annual report can be presented in a number of different ways. Many companies choose a theme that is relevant to the year, which is carried through the front end of the annual report.

The high-level financial reports and key figures can be displayed in charts, graphs, or infographics and are supported by images and graphics making the information clear and easy to understand.

We make sure that the design is engaging and can be easily digested by all stakeholders. Some annual reports are accompanied by a 10K wrap. RBK handles highly confidential files from accountants and auditing firms and formats them to make sure that the style is consistent and readable throughout the report.

Our designs highlight key information and use compelling graphics, imagery, fonts, and layouts, which are on brand and presented professionally. The end result is something you will want to show off to your clients and other stakeholders.

How We Work for You

To ensure that your annual report accurately depicts your company and the year it summarizes, we take the time to fully understand your business before we begin. To help create a one-of-a-kind report, we ask questions, lots of questions. This helps us create a custom, branded report that helps your stakeholders get the information they need while feeling connected to your business.

With over 25 years of experience, you can trust us with your annual report design needs. Contact us today to learn more.

Annual Report Design Agency NYC